This one is sure an epic journey in satire - - where being a horny cab driver is getting you laid non stop, almost daily, since years!

Welcome to the most absurdal thing of the Year - dad crush videos. And if this is not enough, we have porn tube in the making!

Something like... love of step sisters? Are you interested in seeing what it is? True family love! :-)

Most absurdal website to launch this Spring? Most probably Fake Driving School!


The Spoof

Much like Wikipedia, The Spoof is an entirely member contributed site. They don’t have a team of writers or anything, just editors and proofers who examine the entries that come in to see if they are good enough to put…



Newsbiscuit is one of the youngest “publications” on our list. Not really a publication, the Newsbiscuit is an only online platform, which makes it much easier to stay afloat without a reputation like The Onion or Private Eye. Similar to…


Private Eye

Based out of London, this satirical magazine has been in publication since 1961 and is still running very strong for a traditional print rag. They specializing in calling out and mocking public figures, from celebrities to politicians to higher-ups like…


The Rise In Satirical Websites Around The World

Satirical websites have become a common thing in many countries around the world. This is probably due to the fact that duped people usually share this content on social media thereby creating a viral marketing scheme for these sites without…


Click Hole

Click Hole is the brain child of The Onion, especially once they decided to move away from traditional printing and into the Digital Age. Given the whole nature of social media today, with “click bait” articles that just have snappy…


The Worst Fake News Websites Across The World

The objective of fake news websites is to provide hilarious stories to its readers that are not 100% true. As a result there have been incidences where some of the reporting from these fake news sites fell short of this…

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Fake Or Real News; A Guide On Telling The Difference

The number of fake news sites has been on an upsurge recently and as a result many people hardly know what news sites provide reliable and objective reporting. If you have ever posted a news article on your social media…


Faking News

Faking News might have the best tag line ever for a satirical website: “Where the truth doesn’t hide; where the truth doesn’t hurt.” Pretty poignant, given the fact that they shed light on some topics that the mainstream media wouldn’t…


The Best Fake News Websites In The World

Out goes news ethics, objectivity and good reporting and in comes the world of fake news websites. Fake news websites usually do all the wrong things that a professional journalist does, but it’s not to say that their news stories…

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6 Most Popular Satirical Websites In The World

Nowadays the internet is rife with many websites providing news about current events. However, a new form of reporting has started to emerge lately which preys on the naivety of its readers. These are the fake news websites that have…