6 Most Popular Satirical Websites In The World

Nowadays the internet is rife with many websites providing news about current events. However, a new form of reporting has started to emerge lately which preys on the naivety of its readers. These are the fake news websites that have started to flood the internet. The manner by which these sites report their news stories can make one believe the information as true but in real sense these usually feature 100% lies. The beauty about these websites is that their reporting is full of satire and is almost believable. Their stories are polished and feed on the mass hysteria at that particular time.

Here are 6 of the most popular satirical websites in the world;

The Borowitz Report

Written by Andy Borowitz, a once proclaimed ‘King of Satire’, the blog has over the years obtained a mass following. Andy usually posts in the blog once a day and has his signature style of signing off the news article with a satirical headline. In 2012, the blog was purchased by the New Yorker magazine (just to show how immensely popular it had become).


The Onion

Tagged, ‘America’s Finest News Source’, the Onion surely does not disappoint in its satirical news stories. It even features Photoshopped images as well in its posts to make them even more humorous. It features various news categories from politics, sports to entertainment and you will definitely find any news about recent events here. Having being on the satirical news scenefor two decades goes on to prove that we are yet to see the last of any satirical news site in the coming future.

The Spoof

This satirical news site has its readers posting the news themselves rather than having paid writers to put out the content. This means that you are bound to get some very crazy satirical stories on this site about any trending topic.

News Mutiny

This is another satirical website that turns any news event around the world into satire. It features various categories which include; world, local, politics and entertainment news among others. The site is also not censored; therefore you are bound to find some foul language here as well.

Hollywood Leek

This site features exclusive satirical content from Hollywood. You will always find what’s trending in Hollywood in this site but with an added touch of humour. It also does not shy away from skewing politicians as well. It features various categories which include; music, movies, celebrities, videos and TV.


Sports Pickle

In as much as other satirical websites also have a sports section, no site does it better than Sports Pickle. The site is usually updated regularly and its posts pretty much feature the latest news topics on the sports scene; for this reason, this site is usually the best when it comes to satirical sports reporting.

Well next time you find a great story with a catchy headline that seems too good to be true, you have probably been duped on a fake news website.

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