About The Owner

Hello, World Wide Web. My name is Tika, and I’m a conspiracy theorist, wave runner, and spider wrangler extraordinaire. If you can’t tell by the way this website has gone, I’m also very sarcastic and love satire. I was raised by newspaper editors who moonlighted as poets in a really cool beatnik coffee shops, and they showed me the satire light at a very young age. I was always encouraged and praised when I responded sarcastically; you can imagine how this backfired when I was a teenager and sarcasm became my super power. And so the student became the master. And then my parents officially hated satire.


I began writing my high school’s newspaper column, Tika’s Touch, which was a spoof on help sections like Ask Amy. I responded to class questions with satire, of course, and probably made a lot of girls cry. And boys. I loved it, and I loved the editorial process. In college, I naturally studied journalism and communications, and was dead set on becoming a journalist who did satire interviews like you see on Saturday Night Live and the Daily Show. But in 1997, those things weren’t quite as commonplace. But little did I know that I would be right on the cusp of the failure of the print industry. I had no idea that shortly after getting a journalist position that the big newspaper I worked at would tank because of the lack of subscribers. I also couldn’t have anticipated that nobody would be hiring after the Towers fell, that I would be effectively out of work in the biggest news event of my generation.

Then I started couch surfing in a few of my shadier college friends’ apartments, and eventually helped one of them start a website and I realized the potential of online publications. From there, I realized that I could do my own news, interview my own guests, and write up my own articles, and make money off website traffic if the news I provided was good enough. Naturally, it was good enough and I managed to make decent livign just off my website traffic. Once I got established as a news source, I began exploring my first love: satire. I knew that sites like The Onion would always be my competition, and instead of competing with them, I decided to critique their work and the work of other satire publications. And thus this website was born. Essentially, I watch the networks and see what news is going to be hot, and then compare and contrast the work of the different satirical publications as they attempt to address each topic in their own way. I rank articles, share articles that are especially great, and diss on the ones that are just weak. You guys seem to like it because I get quite a bit of money off the web traffic, so thanks for that.

Hopefully you still keep reading now. I need to make that money!