This one is sure an epic journey in satire - - where being a horny cab driver is getting you laid non stop, almost daily, since years!

Welcome to the most absurdal thing of the Year - dad crush videos. And if this is not enough, we have porn tube in the making!

Something like... love of step sisters? Are you interested in seeing what it is? True family love! :-)

Most absurdal website to launch this Spring? Most probably Fake Driving School!

Why Satire is an Art Form

If you’ve ever caught yourself reading a satire article and sort of falling into its trap – even if you knew it was satirical to begin with – you know the true power that satire holds. Satire publications are also…

Why Satire is Still Around

If you’ve ever fallen victim to believing that a satire article is real, you’ve probably asked, “Why do they even write this stuff, anyways? It doesn’t even do anything or give anything useful.” No offense, but that’s probably just your…

The Onion

The Onion is known as the most satirical newspaper in history. It started in Chicago in 1988, and circulated their hysterical papers all over the country. By 1996, they started posting the newspaper online, and today they have a massive…