Private Eye

Based out of London, this satirical magazine has been in publication since 1961 and is still running very strong for a traditional print rag. They specializing in calling out and mocking public figures, from celebrities to politicians to higher-ups like the Prime Minister. Essentially, you’ll get roasted if you ever find yourself inside the page of The Private Eye.

What They Do at Private Eye

As the name suggests, there’s actually a lot of research that goes into finding the information they do, and even more time spent satirizing it to make it appropriate for print at a satirical magazine. In England, the style and frequent jokes inside the Private Eye have actually become a pop culture phenomenon, something even traditional print ads were unable to achieve. Naturally, because of the popularity of the magazine and the number of people they insult on a biweekly basis, the Private Eye has had its share of libel suits drawn against them.


That’s the sign of a true reporter, though, as many journalists and those in the news field will tell you. You know you’re doing something right when you make the people in power uncomfortable. Their latest headlines include discussions about “Brexit,” England’s decision to leave the European Union. They play on puns about the Prophet Mohammed, as well, which is more dangerous in this day and age than ticking off a few politicians. They do their research thoroughly before reporting, and while they hide their facts under sarcasm and wit, people are able to tell that what they’re reading is the truth.

The Private Eye Online

The Private Eye does have its own website, and is active on Facebook and Twitter. Unlike American satirical newspapers, though, they don’t have a huge array of access to their content online – you still need to subscribe. There is an e-magazine that gets sent out, as well as print, but to see the newest and greatest, you’ll have to pay that subscription fee. Good on them, though, as they’ve managed to stay afloat as a print operation in the Digital Age.


Watch Out, World

The Private Eye is a traditionally British publication, but they’re not afraid to address the issues in the countries that surround them. The U.S. has been a frequent target, especially given their current political climate. Russia and North Korea are topics of contention all over the world, so naturally The Private Eye has “gone there” with their satire, calling out major world players like Putin and Kim Jong Un.

You have to admire their guts, and their desire to tell the truth in a way that seems less threatening to the population at large. Half of the things they expose would make the media circus go crazy if they were allowed to share such information. The Private Eye just happens to not be controlled by media forces that prevent them from sharing things. Let’s hope that doesn’t change.

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