The Best Fake News Websites In The World

Out goes news ethics, objectivity and good reporting and in comes the world of fake news websites. Fake news websites usually do all the wrong things that a professional journalist does, but it’s not to say that their news stories aren’t as good as the others. Once in a while people deserve some humour delivered in a creative blog piece and that is what fake news websites are all about. You don’t have to believe the story but enjoy the whole creativity that goes with the writing itself.

Here are some of the best fake news websites around the world.

The Onion

Having been on the scene since 1996, ‘The Onion’ is celebrating two decades in the fake news reporting segment. It also has had its peaks, having obtained numerous awards along the way. What makes it stand out from the rest is the manner in which its stories are well articulated (in as much as they are false). It also has the Onion News Network that delivers both video broadcasts as well as printed news. Not bad for an organisation that only reports 100% satirical news on real world events.



 The Shovel

This is a fake news websites based off Australia (Yes, there are other countries that also have their very own fake news websites apart from the Onion). It is one of the most popular in the country and has the best following. Just like the Onion it does not shy away from reporting on politics and has often been misquoted by many people who did not have a clue of it being a satirical website.

The Gatsby

This is a South African satirical news site. Its tagline is ‘Your all in one news sandwich’ and it features different news categories which include; world news, business, sport and entertainment as well. Its reporting is purely based off trending news in the country and beyond and its signature is catchy headlines that will get you reading the whole story for no apparent reason.

The Lapine

This is a Canadian fake news site that features different news categories which include; world news, local news, entertainment and oddities. Oddities refers to stories that are by all means odd and the fact the whole story is satirical, makes it even more humorous to read. Their catchy headlines also have a way of attracting their readers’ attention and beware while entering because you won’t leave as soon as you thought.


The Daily mash

This is a UK based satirical site whose reporting spans from politics to local home news. The stories are by all means intended to dupe its readers and at the same time be hilarious. It’s reporting is from trending news topics locally and around the world. You will definitely catch some laughs on this site.

With the upsurge in the number of fake news sites across the world, try not to get duped by all stories that you read on the net and always be objective.

Hello, World Wide Web. My name is Tika, and I’m a conspiracy theorist, wave runner, and spider wrangler extraordinaire. If you can’t tell by the way this website has gone, I’m also very sarcastic and love satire.