The Rise In Satirical Websites Around The World

Satirical websites have become a common thing in many countries around the world. This is probably due to the fact that duped people usually share this content on social media thereby creating a viral marketing scheme for these sites without having the sites using as much money. All you need is hilarious fake news content up to date with the latest news and you are good to go. Website design has also contributed to their rise in the recent years as more fake news sites take on a UI design that makes them look legit to a first timer on the site. These sites also fuel speculation that is rife on certain news topics that are trending thereby eating on the naivety of its readers. As it is, a large percentage of internet users have been tricked in one way or the other by satirical websites. Here are some of the satirical websites that are trending today (and that you probably never knew of).


Associated Media Coverage

Its tagline ‘News You Can Trust’ makes it even more likely to trick many people into believing its stories. This fake news site has been phenomenal in creating content that went viral on social media with many people believing its authenticity. Some of its news stories have also been carried on mainstream news outlets showing their effectiveness in creating gullible stories. We are yet to see the last of this site and as long as its news stories will continue going viral on social media, we are yet to see the last of this site.


The Borowitz Report

Created by Andy Borowitz and written by him, the blog was purchased by the New Yorker in2012. The Borowitz report mainly looks at the political landscape in the US and as a result has led to some gullible people believing its reporting. The worst part is that being a fake news site that deals on political satire, its effects can be far reaching on the number of people who are more than naïve to believe its stories.


This site has the ABC news name and the logo that almost looks the same. Lately, it has been churning out stories that go viral because of it looking like a reputable media outlet. It has also been creating content that feeds on people’s emotions such a widely shared story that President Obama had signed into law a ban on the sale of assault weapons.  It’s not widely known and is likely to get even more gullible people sharing its stories in the future.

Being able to differentiate a fake news site from real news is not as easy as it seems and we are more than likely to see more sites coming up that echo the design and news reporting of reputable news outlets. You therefore have to remain objective in the sites where you obtain your news from and be able to judge news shared on social media sites. Yes, the era of fake news sites is with us and it is not likely to end any time soon.

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