The Spoof

Much like Wikipedia, The Spoof is an entirely member contributed site. They don’t have a team of writers or anything, just editors and proofers who examine the entries that come in to see if they are good enough to put on the site. They tag themselves as the “leading satire newspapers on the Internet,” but they don’t have a vast social media following.

If you want to find them, you have to directly seek out their website (which is one step too many for younger generations who want to just find their Facebook or Twitter page).


What the Spoof Does Differently

On their home page, you can find The Spoof’s many articles from users like “John McClain” and others. You can also find references to Jesus, Donald Trump, Obama, and Mohammed Ali all on the front page. There is a vast array of topics covered on The Spoof, and basically the one with the best headline wins. Another cool aspect of their site is their “Fake Celebrity Diaries,” which is quite hilarious if you hate a particular celebrity.

This is a very community based site, and the writers here often support each other by a “Top Writer Chart,” where the ones who have written the most popular articles or have written the most articles period appear closer to the top than other writers. They also have a “Featured Writer of the Month,” which is great for writers who want some exposure before writing their own satire, book, blog, etc. At the moment, Gail Farrelly tops the charts with over 5,000 points and has written over 700 pieces for The Spoof. Pretty impressive, right? You don’t see this sort of collaboration on any other satire site, so if you’re into that aspect of it, this is the site for you.


The Topics The Spoof Covers

Much like Newsbiscuit, The Spoof covers a huge topic base, including UK headlines, world news, science and tech, business, sports, and more. It’s pretty impressive considering that these are all controlled by submissions, rather than a committed editorial and writing team. They also have an “On This Day” feature, which either spotlights old articles or spoof an event on this day in history, which is unique to The Spoof. It can be quite a hoot if you check it daily, or especially on holidays.

And unlike other sites, since this one is mostly website based, there is a huge discussion forum here. On other platforms, the discussions usually take place on the comments section, but the discussion forum is great for discussing the actual topics, perfecting your satire and sarcasm, and also helping other writers. If you’re a satire fan, this is the place to be. You’re going to find a huge number of people who like the same things you do, and who are willing to support you and help you improve. This is not just a satire magazine, it’s an entire satire community.

Hello, World Wide Web. My name is Tika, and I’m a conspiracy theorist, wave runner, and spider wrangler extraordinaire. If you can’t tell by the way this website has gone, I’m also very sarcastic and love satire.