The Worst Fake News Websites Across The World

The objective of fake news websites is to provide hilarious stories to its readers that are not 100% true. As a result there have been incidences where some of the reporting from these fake news sites fell short of this objective and the original story was even much better than the fake one.

Here are some of the worst fake news websites across the world and the incidences that led to them being proclaimed as such;

The Daily Currant

This site probably fails on the hilarious part of the reporting, but it does deliver a good dose of fake news. Its news is hardly hilarious and can be passed off as true and there have been a number of times that their news stories have been adopted by mainstream media as well (to which the latter has consistently apologised for). Everyoneat least deserves the courtesy of being duped in a hilarious way, and this is the reason the Daily Currant is considered as one of the worst fake news websites across the world.


World News Daily report

The site has been hit by a number of incidences where their story was far much worse than the original story. When coming up with satirical news, it’s best advised to make the whole story a hilarious and better version of the original (someone failed to tell that to World News Daily).

Betoota Advocate

The site does an awesome job of making believable fake news to its readers; however the problem lies in its hilarious nature. Some of the news stories are bluntly told and anyone is likely to get duped into believing the whole story because of its lack of a satirical perspective whilst being read. It’s a matter of time before one of its stories is re-reported by a major mainstream media outlet because of its seriousness in reporting fake events.

National Report

Just like mainstream media, the National Report usually reports on stories that are bound to create mass hysteria from its readers and gain traction from the outrage (for those who don’t already know that it’s a fake news site). That is a good way of distinguishing itself from the rest but in reality, some of the content it gets out are by all means believable even for a fake news website. It therefore goes on to say that the National report does a bad job at satirizing its content and most times it can pass off as real news.

Lightly Braised Turnip

LBT is a site that creates equally funny and creative fake news content. However, most of its content is usually aimed at duping its readers, especially those who encounter the site for the first time in order for it to get shares on social media. Not to say that this has not worked, but LBT can do better in just providing great fake news content and more people will always flock the site.

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