Why Satire is Still Around

If you’ve ever fallen victim to believing that a satire article is real, you’ve probably asked, “Why do they even write this stuff, anyways? It doesn’t even do anything or give anything useful.” No offense, but that’s probably just your pride talking. The reason satire is still around is twofold: it makes people laugh, and then it makes people think.

Whether you’re laughing at other people or even yourself, the reality is that satirical writing usually hits pretty close to home. Especially magazines and sites like The Onion, where they mock people’s online habits, work habits, parenting habits, and so forth. Even if you feel a little sting each time you read something that relates to you, you have to laugh. The delivery of such articles is absolutely perfect. Just as an example: “ Study finds: Most oxygen molecules in Earth’s troposphere are used for the purposes of sighing, whining, and most commonly, complaining.” Sounds a little familiar, right? You may know people who qualify, or you may be guilty yourself.


And then if you’re guilty yourself, you stop and think, “Man I sure do complain a lot.” It’s not easy to make people laugh at themselves and then evaluate themselves, and that’s exactly what satire does.

Satire also helps us think about current events in a way that cuts through the media circus of bull. For many major events, the media shouts from the mountain tops about what new and terrible events are taking place in the world, but they usually only explain one side. Satire publications and websites are famous for giving actual, useful information disguised in their witty and sarcastic writing. They also make people think twice about what they believe about a certain issue.

Take, for instance, the 2016 US presidential election. Many people have their tried and true candidates, and trying to change their stance is difficult at best. But with political figures serving as open season for satire, people read all about their candidates in a frank way. Discussing their platforms in a ridiculous way helps more people see how ridiculous their points actually are, and might change people’s stances on an issue more than a traditional publication could.


Satire publications also bring levity to a serious situation that would normally be considered distasteful. From anyone else, a joke about ISIS might not go over well. But we expect it of these satire sites, and seek them out to see what joke they can make to lighten the mood a little. Every thing is better when you can laugh about it.

That’s why these satire news publications are going website and social media based, more so than traditional printing; it is much easier to spread the message when you’re online than to circulate newspapers. It’s also easily consumed by a variety of people when it’s online, as opposed to being exclusive to the people who pay for a subscription in print. Satire is everywhere now, and it’s not going anywhere so get used to it!

Hello, World Wide Web. My name is Tika, and I’m a conspiracy theorist, wave runner, and spider wrangler extraordinaire. If you can’t tell by the way this website has gone, I’m also very sarcastic and love satire.